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Zen in a relationship


They say marriages are made in Heaven…. But, are they??

If they are, then, every relationship should be peaceful and in a state of Zen always. We know that this is not the case and peace doesn’t prevail always. The tribulations of reality takes toil on a relationship. The essence of the relationship is lost in the struggles of the daily grind. The essence of love and caring is lost and replaced by competition and ego. This increases the distance of the couple from the heart of the relationship.

The heart and essential aspects of a relationship can remain intact if a couple is able constantly strive to maintain harmony. Simple mindful processes can impact situations positively. They contribute to enhance the marriage and clear dissension proactively. Being aware and mindful of the thoughts, ideas and emotions of a partner enhances the relationship. .

The simplicity of mindful practices in a relationship contributes to balance essential in a relationship leading to a place where there is calmness and Zen. Being in the moment and mindful in a relationship prompts the actions to be proactive not reactive.

Mindful moments, thoughts and actions help partners to be cognizant of each other’s needs. This creates collaboration and harmony in place of conflict and pain. The awareness assists in guiding thoughts of disagreement into a place where there is review, evaluation and truce. By being mindful towards each other, there will be understanding of the other perspective even if there is disagreement. This enhances the strengthening qualities of cooperation and compatibility.

The pillars of collaboration, cooperation, compatibility and convergence then become the synergy behind the relations. This leads to situations being dealt proactively as opposed to reactively. There is visibility of a ‘wise- mind’ approach as opposed to being reactive or emotional. This is in other words the Zen in a relationship.

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